Holding on to a semblance of perspective in times of challenge… In times of struggling with the infamous balance of time… These are the moments, when I am faced with, yet again, that thought or notion of … Perspective.

And of course, feeling subject, whether I agree to it or not, to other people’s opinions or feelings and equally their own personal perceptions and perspective. 

So what is it? How do I define this, for me? In what context of life and existence and how much do I do with it on a daily basis?

Well, I certainly don’t always have it in balanced proportions, that’s for sure. I am aware of its existence, most of the time, but it’s not always my “go to” solution or even desired choice in the moment as there are a number of different factors involved..
An example would when I am faced with a situation in my personal life, where the past, present and the future all roll into a series of rapid thoughts and become rather overwhelming …in fact QUITE overwhelming and so begins the sometimes inevitable downward spiral of thoughts that trigger a switch which makes it feel like things are quite simply “out of control”. It is a very strong experience and if perspective doesn’t come in quick (through me consciously activating it and practicing this awareness)… Well it can easily become a make or break moment.

 Putting things into perspective has a real accessibility to it in these instances and if it enters at the right moment it can, more often than not, lead me to make a more informed, slightly more calculated and intelligent decision with thankfully a more preferred outcome.

However if it does not come in, that’s a different story entirely.

A big part of this is my perspective on the moment, the issue, the situation. If I manage to have a clearer perspective, I interfered with by other people’s opinions and insecurities or need to control.. I can somehow clarifitnthings in my head a little more and clear out the mess, as it were. This then makes way for the gut feeling and intuition ..and decisions are taken in those moments a lot more quickly and are much more constructive.

A pack of perspective for me seems to equate destruction and limit, neither of which lean towards the positive scale..

So I’ve read books on it, I teach lessons incorporating it’s principles, however I never profess to be a perfect example of it. 
Who is?

 I do think though, that it is very evident when a person has a wide perspective on things or a narrowed one.. And we can all continue to learn and improve our perspective by clearing some space and staying connected to now.

There are so many other factors to consider as well of course…. Upbringing, culture, both community and family..
However, the above are just some thoughts I’m having right now on PERSPECTIVE as I finish up a short trip at home in Ireland and head back to my other home in Mexico City into what looks likely to be some work and life filled months..

So keeping some perspective as I venture towards new projects, new collaborations, new challenges, new lessons … Is something I’m sure will guide the way and support me.

Here’s a ted talk on some practical observations on perspective and how so many things are subject to different perceptions or perspectives depending on the information given and how that information is perceived… So staying informed also helps!

Food for though 🙂

– Louise



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